Toyota Tire Maintenance

Even though they are possibly one of the most affordable components of your Toyota, tires are also one of the most important parts, making tire maintenance crucial. No matter what type of tires you have on your car, they will need to undergo maintenance to ensure that they last a long period of time. Call us with any questions (936) 349-0909. Click Here To Schedule Service

Despite the fact that all tires require maintenance, some will need it less frequently than others. To increase the amount of time you can go between changing tires, be sure to select a set that was designed to work with your driving style and the weather conditions in your area. If you need help with this process, talk to an expert at the Toyota tire maintenance center, as they will be able to offer you advice. 

How to Know When to Change Your Tires

Knowing when to change your tires may seem complicated at first, but in reality, this process is much simpler than it seems. Most of the time, the paperwork that comes with your tire purchase will indicate the amount of time that they are designed to last. 

You will need to change your tires if they get under 1/16 of an inch of tread depth, as numbers below this are considered highly unsafe. There is an easy trick to help you check whether your tires are too worn and need to be changed without ever having to go to the mechanic. You can do what is known as the penny test, and this involves placing a penny on your tire tread with Lincoln's head facing down. If you can still see all of his head, your tread is too worn and should be replaced. 

Another test you can do yourself to check whether it is time to change your tires is to look at the indicator bar for tread wear. These bars run in a perpendicular pattern with your tread and will only be visible as your tread begins to wear out. This means that if you can see the tread bars completely, it is time to change your tires. 

A final way to tell if you should change tires is to pay close attention while driving. If you notice anything unusual with the handling of your vehicle, such as extra vibration while driving, then take it in to be checked out by an expert. 

Benefits of Having New Tires

The biggest benefit of having new tires on your car is safety. New tires will be able to grip the surface of the road better, improving traction as well as your vehicle's ability to make sudden stops or drive over slippery surfaces. Both of these factors can help to prevent potential collisions.

New tires will also lead to an increase in the overall performance of your car, as the engine will find it easier to distribute power among the wheels. This improved performance also comes with better fuel efficiency, saving you money and helping the planet. 

For a better idea of what Toyota tire maintenance has to offer you and your vehicle or to have your tires checked or changed, visit Huntsville Toyota in Huntsville, Texas.